How to Block IP Address From Accessing Your Website

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When you want to prevent a particular IP address from accessing your website, blocking it is essential. You can do this by setting up a static IP address for the site. A static IP address is an ideal solution for websites with limited traffic. When you add it to your safe list, your site will no longer be able to access it. Once it is blocked, you will no longer receive any traffic from that IP. Follow instructions here

Why How To Block Ip Address From Accessing Your Website Succeeds

Once you have blocked a specific IP address, you can then block websites and web pages that use it. To do this, log into your C panel and find the files section. Click on the Add Rule button and type in the IP address you want to block. In the Name field, type the IP address you want to block. This will make the rule reusable in future sessions. You can also add multiple IP addresses to a rule if you need to block a specific IP address range.

In the Default Filter Policy section, type the IP address or IP range you wish to block. Then click the radio button next to “Block the connection” and select “Block all websites.” If you want to block websites by domain or subnet, you need to check all three boxes. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to name the IP addresses that you want to block. Then, click Save. Once you have named the rule, you’re good to go.


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