The Zodiac Signs and Leadership

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The Astrology Zodiac Signs

Each of the twelve The Astrology Zodiac Signs is associated with a modality, or way of operating. Each modality has unique characteristics, but the signs of each group share core qualities. These characteristics include their ability to be obstinate and their ability to lead. Cardinal, fixed and mutable signs are all related to leadership.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and co-ruled by the go-getter Pluto. The Scorpio is very in touch with their sexuality and spirituality, and is also a social animal. But Scorpios are also known to be intense and can be rough around the edges. They are apt communicators and are sensitive, but they can also lose their own vision.

The first zodiac sign, Aries, is the sign of impulsivity. Aries tends to be bold and direct, but they can also be shy and reserved. The zodiac symbol of the fire sign is a lion. Aries is also known to be competitive.

Pisces is the last zodiac sign, and represents the sea. Pisces is the last constellation of the zodiac and is associated with compassion, creativity, and the arts. Pisces people are extremely intuitive and artistic, but they can be emotionally sensitive. They may have dreams or visions that seem far-fetched.

Gemini is a social and intellectual sign, like Mercury. Their energy is brought about by Mercury, and they are quick to think and communicate. They are also loyal, devoted and playful, so it’s no wonder that they have many followers.


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