Hazel Colored Contacts

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hazel colored contacts

Colored Contacts

Add a pop of color to your look with hazel contacts colored contacts. These stylish lenses feature a blend of honey tones and greys that make a great choice for anyone who wants a natural glow without looking staged or costume-y.

Whether you want to experiment with a dramatic new eye color or simply wish to change your natural shade, you can find a range of options online that will give you the exact iris shade you’ve been wanting for a long time. We also offer a range of prescription lenses, so even people with corrective eye needs can get in on the fun!

Primal Desire Hazel Colored Lenses

These lenses are designed to enhance your eyes by adding a subtle color overlay that blends in with your natural eye color. They’re a safe FDA cleared product made from the same material as all standard contact lenses.

They are available in a variety of shades, including gray, green, brown, blue, and amethyst. They are soft disposable contact lenses that provide superior comfort for the entire day and are disposed of once worn out.

Which brands offer the most natural brown and hazel contact lenses

Alcon FreshLook Colorblends Daily Top Pick

These colored contact lenses are designed for subtle accentuation and only need to be worn for one day before disposal. They have built-in UV protection and can be used with or without vision correction.

These daily colored contacts are a little pricier than some of our other daily top picks, but they do offer a lot of color choices and are approved for safe use by people with astigmatism. They’re also made with phemfilcon A, which is a hydrogel material that keeps your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.


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