Choosing a Necklace For Men That Makes a Statement

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Jewelry isn’t just about style; it’s also about making a statement. When choosing a necklace for men, it’s important to consider the meaning behind your choice.


Pendants are the focal point of many necklace mens designs. They can either be understated and complement the necklace they hang from or be a feature that makes the necklace stand out on its own.


Stung upon a chain, coin necklaces are a subtle yet stylish way to make a statement with a single pendant. You can find coin necklaces stamped with a variety of designs, including images of Greek gods and symbols from world religions.

Heirloom Necklaces

Heirloom necklaces are a special way to remember someone that you care about. These necklaces incorporate an item that was given to you by a loved one and that carries with it their memory, as well as the qualities that inspire you or give you comfort.

Animal Motifs

For a casual look, men often opt for an animal motif pendant. These are commonly used as a fashion accessory, but they’re also used in awareness campaigns to raise money for a cause or issue that matters to them.


Generally, chokers sit higher on the neck than other forms of necklaces. They don’t allow for any space to hang lower, so they are designed to make a statement instead of simply complementing the neckline. They work great when you want to add some edge to a simple outfit that gives more room to the shoulders and collarbones.


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