Got a Text About Money From the IRS? Here’s What to Do

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It may seem alarming to get a text from the IRS saying you’re owed a refund. But it’s definitely a scam, and should be ignored.

How is identity verification done?

In a news release, the IRS said it has seen a surge in “IRS-themed text messages” or phishing attempts that impersonate the agency and ask you to click links that will try to steal your personal information or send malicious code to your phone. “With tax filing season underway, the IRS and its Security Summit partners remind people and the tax community that the IRS does not contact taxpayers via text message, email or social media to request financial information or to provide refund payments,” the release says.

Got a text about money from the IRS Scammers also often call and threaten to arrest or deport people who don’t pay fake tax bills. They also pressure people into paying with prepaid cards, wire transfers or Venmo and often use poor spelling, capitalization and grammar to create urgency in their messages. Government agencies, including the IRS, typically never send unsolicited requests for payment through any channel other than by mail.

Here are some tips for recognizing a fraudulent text from the IRS and other signs that something is wrong. And if you do receive a legitimate message from the IRS, here are some tips for what to do.


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