Pentana Stanton Lawyers – Why You Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Regardless of the type of defence lawyer melbourne you face, having competent legal representation is critical to your success. Criminal charges have far more serious consequences than traffic offences or property crimes and a conviction will affect your employment, your freedom to travel internationally and can impact your family life.

Criminal defence lawyers are experts in their field and have the skills to ensure that you receive a fair trial. They are familiar with the rules of evidence and are skilled at cross-examination that can expose weaknesses in the prosecution case. They can also pick up on areas of inadmissible evidence before it even gets to trial, which can save you from a guilty verdict and a permanent criminal record.


Defence Lawyer Melbourne: Your Shield in the Face of Legal Challenges


There is no doubt that an experienced criminal defence lawyer can lift a massive weight off your shoulders. Whether you’re charged with assault, fraud, drugs or domestic violence, it’s essential to get professional legal help immediately.

Often, law enforcement will do everything in their power to convince you that your case is hopeless and there’s no point in fighting the charges. This is a tactic to deter you from getting a criminal defence lawyer and it’s not uncommon for public defenders to be backlogged, meaning they don’t have the time or resources to fight your case as vigorously as they should.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is a full-service firm with a team of highly skilled defence lawyers in Melbourne who are experienced in negotiating out-of-court settlements, litigation and complex court trials. Their clients include individuals, families and businesses. Their services cover a range of offences, including serious crime, domestic and family violence, drug offences, commercial crimes and driving offences.


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