Day: November 3, 2023

Tennis Court Maintenance Tips


The best way to maintain a hard Tennis Court Maintenance is by ensuring that it is clean and free of debris. A dirty surface will wear out prematurely. This is especially true on acrylic courts. Leaves, pine needles, dirt, twigs and other debris should be removed from the court regularly.

If weeds begin to grow on or near the surface it is best to spray them with an herbicide rather than pulling them. Pulling a weed with an established root system can damage much more of the surface than just the opening it is growing out of. Likewise, tree limbs that hang over the court should be regularly pruned so they do not interfere with play. It is also important to ensure that any irrigation sprinklers that are around the court do not spray on the surface. This can cause water marks that will discolor the court.

Seasonal Tennis Court Maintenance: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

An annual inspection should be conducted to identify areas that require maintenance. This may include filling in low spots, repairing cracks and resurfacing the court. Cracks are typically filled with a polyurethane material that is then resurfaced with an acrylic surface. The resurfacing process also involves installing a new line marking system.

It is important to have a functional drainage system in place to prevent water penetration that can lead to early court failure. This can be accomplished by checking and repairing the area drains outside of the court on a regular basis. This is particularly important before winter in areas that are likely to experience snow.