Car Park Deck Waterproofing Services

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Whether you need to refurbish an existing car park or install a new multi-storey structure, the quality of the waterproofing membrane is paramount. If not installed to the right standard a leak may occur which will damage the concrete and create a potentially dangerous environment for people to be parked in. This is why the use of specialist asphalt contractors who belong to the mastic asphalt council is so important for a successful project and to ensure that the waterproofing system has a long lifecycle.

The typical car park deck waterproofing service comprises a waterproofing membrane adhered to the structural slab, a drainage grid and a traffic wearing course (Figure 1). The topping acts as a surface protector, water shedding layer and a non-slip surface. The mastic asphalt coating is extremely hardwearing and highly durable meaning it can cope with the demands of car park usage including abrasion and impact loading from vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The material also offers resistance to chlorides (road salts), carbon dioxide ingress, petrol and diesel splashes and de-icing products, ensuring that the protective coating is unaffected by ponding water and provides an anti-slip surface for safe driving.

Securing Foundations: The Essential Role of Car Park Deck Waterproofing Services

Triflex DeckCoat is a fully certified and tested parking deck waterproofing system that can be used on both new build and refurbishment projects. With a quick curing process it can be installed all year round limiting access restrictions and disruption to the car park area, allowing businesses to keep their site operational at all times. The coating can be used in conjunction with the electric leak detection process to pinpoint a leak and is highly resistant to thermal, weather and chemical wear.


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