Blown in Insulation

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Is blown-in insulation worth it?

Blown in insulation is an affordable, quick way to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It’s a good option for older homes that are often under-insulated. It consists of tiny pieces of recycled newspaper, cardboard, and wood fibers that are blown through a special machine with hoses. It is an excellent alternative to traditional batt insulation and is often installed in attics during new construction or by contractors specializing in blown in insulation.

The cost of Blown in insulation is higher than rolled batts, but it has the advantage of being able to fill small spaces and nooks and crannies that would be hard to get with traditional batt insulation. It also reduces the amount of air infiltration, a key component to improving your home’s thermal performance.

While blown in insulation is safe, it is important to wear the appropriate safety gear when installing or removing it. The loose material is dusty and can irritate skin, so it’s best to wear gloves, a mask (preferably N-95) or respirator, and eye protection. If you’re working in an attic, be sure to use a work light or a headlamp, and don’t cover recessed lights since the heat from the bulb could cause the insulation to smolder.

It is also important to remember that blown in insulation, like any type of insulation, loses some of its R-value over time as it settles. However, most professionals agree that the benefits of insulating an existing house outweigh any loss in R-value over time.


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