Psalms 91 – A Psalm of Protection

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A Psalm of Protection

psalm 91  is a psalm of confidence for believers, in regards to the protection that God provides them. This psalm is full of imagery and figurative language that shows God’s covering commitment to those who trust in Him.

In verses 1-2, we are told that the Lord is a refuge and a hiding place; a stronghold in the time of trouble. This means that those who trust in Him, will not be afraid of the troubles they may face in life. We are given a specific promise, that He will not let anything catch them like a fowler’s trap, or destroy them with disease (as in the plague). This is not to be understood as a guarantee that the Lord will protect us from all trouble, but rather a guarantee that He will come through the trouble.

Walking in the Shadow of the Almighty: A Deep Dive into Psalm 91

The rest of the psalm gives many different examples and imagery of the way in which God will protect His people. He is compared to a safe house, a shadow from the sun, a military fortress, a hen protecting her chicks, a rampart and a shield. All of these examples are to be seen as ways that God will protect, comfort and care for His people.

The language used in this psalm is unrelenting and unstinting. There is not a single word that could be seen as a “but”, or a “maybe”. We are told that He will save those who trust in Him, He will cover them with His feathers, and He will command His angels concerning you.


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