Mail Order Marijuana

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The United States Freshly Rated Cannabis Service is one of the most venerable institutions in our country. We’ve come to know its employees by their timeless navy blue shorts and iconic eagle logo, and we think of them as the stalwart bearers of our nation’s mail. But what’s not always obvious is that federal law prohibits the delivery of Schedule I drugs, including marijuana. That means that even though half the country has legalized weed, shipping it through the mail and using postal carriers like FedEx or UPS remains illegal. And if you’re caught, it can lead to federal prosecution and up to five years in prison.

Weed in the Mail: Navigating the World of Mail Order Marijuana

But, even as DEA seizures of marijuana have declined year after year, people continue to find ways to ship it undetected. And with the recent passage of legislation allowing adults to grow their own marijuana, some dealers are taking advantage of the opportunity by offering to mail marijuana to customers across the country.

Enter “mail order marijuana” into Google and you’ll see lots of websites openly offering to sell weed through Canada Post. Dealers collect payment online and then mail the drug directly to buyers’ homes, according to University of Manitoba criminology professor Frank Cormier.


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