Luxury Interior Renovation That Makes a Statement

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A luxury home design can mean many things to different people, but it’s usually characterized by rich colors and materials, antique accents, and high-end furniture. A good flat fee interior designer will be able to work with you to help define your unique design style and create the perfect luxury interior for your home.

What is the golden rule in interior design?

Many Luxury Interior Renovation homes include opulent elements to add grandeur and flair, while customizing details can give the space personality. Hand-painted wallpaper, bespoke drapery and fine carpentry details are great examples of luxury interior design that make a statement. Luxury designs also often incorporate state-of-the-art appliances to show off a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.

While some people prefer a modern or contemporary style, other luxury homeowners like the classic elegance of traditional and transitional designs. Some even opt for a masculine look using bold wallpaper, a dark color scheme, and rich wood furnishings.

Regardless of your style preference, you can use a few simple techniques to achieve a luxurious interior design that makes a statement. Adding a dramatic feature wall, updating your rugs and furniture, redecorating your fireplace mantle, or replacing flooring are all great ways to revamp your home’s style to match your luxurious tastes.

Working with a skilled, experienced designer who specializes in luxury remodels will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. When choosing a designer, look for someone who has experience designing for clients with varied styles and budgets and can communicate effectively with you throughout the process. Depending on your specific project, you may need an architect as well. Many Sweeten general contractors can recommend architects to assist with your home’s renovation.


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